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What’s Happening at Encore Musical Theater Company

The ENCORE MUSICAL THEATRE COMPANY (ENCORE) combines the talents and energies of Pro-Am Performing Arts Corp and KC Theatrical Productions Inc. Its mission is to enrich the cultural life of The Villages and surrounding communities, to assemble singularly passionate theater collaborators, to create an opportunity for creative artists to stretch and strengthen their experiences outside the norm of other area theatre companies, to further the development of artists’ skills and talents through workshops and educational programs and lastly, to produce professional quality theatrical productions.

ENCORE’s plan is to create a repertory company, consisting of 50 to 100 members, utilizing a mixture of both professional and amateur staff, production personnel and performers. All members of ENCORE’s repertory company will be asked to participate in a series of workshops, designed to improve their performance skills while simultaneously preparing and rehearsing them for the season’s shows.

Initial auditions for the company are being held in April of 2016. Additional auditions may be held from time to time as required. Casting for each show is done based on the requirements of the role, ability, professionalism, dedication and director’s vision. EVERY MEMBER in ENCORE’s repertory company will be asked to perform in at least one show per season.

DO I HAVE TO ATTEND EVERY WORKSHOP OR TAKE EVERY PART OFFERED? No. Life happens. Conflicts arise. We do ask that when you are cast in a show that you make that show a priority. Large shows require large casts. Every cast-member is part of an ensemble and every cast-member’s role, regardless of the size, is equally important. We make every possible effort to call cast members only for the times and days that they will be used for rehearsal so there is a minimal amount of sitting around. When you come to rehearse, you rehearse. We also do our very best to accommodate members’ schedules. Every member is asked to fill out a conflict sheet. We ask members to be very specific when filling out this conflict sheet because we use it to create a comprehensive rehearsal schedule. Conflicts include times and days when you are NOT available for rehearsals. Obviously, acts of God cannot be planned for. We know that other important family and medical things come up as well. We ask that if/when something does come up or change regarding your conflict schedule that you let us know well in advance, if possible.

IS ENCORE’S REPERTORY COMPANY FOR ME? If you are not interested in being part of a troupe, are only willing to take lead roles or have too much on your plate then ENCORE’s repertory company may not be for you. However, if you are a serious performer, want a great place to refine your craft, work with other serious performers and want to be in wonderful shows … this IS for YOU!

We are strongly committed to giving every possible opportunity to our members and casting within our repertory company.  However, if we are unable to cast specific roles from within our repertory company we will then audition and cast actors from outside the company. Workshops for the repertory company will begin this summer. The actual rehearsals for each show will begin approximately three to four months prior to the performances of each show. Rehearsals will be engaging and workshops are constructed based on the availability of members. The final polish for each show occurs in the last days/weeks before opening. It is critical that in these final phases of production that you clear your schedule and commit to the show.